Letter of President RCJ

Dear Fellow Rotarians & Friends of Rotary,

Thank you for visiting our website

I feel honored to be given the opportunity to serve as President of Rotary Club Jakarta in Rotary Year 2012-2013.

RC Jakarta possesses a strong commitment to serve our local community, which has for years been proven in our Signature Projects, i.e. the Schools renovation project in Cisarua area, books for the library in Aceh as well the library.

Over the past years, RC Jakarta has supported SDN 01 Karet Tengsin with the support of PT Nestle, PT Johnson Home Hygiene Products and Private Donators. The program involved providing nutrition to school children, improving the school facilities as also improving the children awareness on in environmental issues.

We will continue this project to be a sustainable project and create more projects.

I remember that we have invited Dr. Anies Baswedan to give a speech about Indonesia Mengajar. It would be great if Rotary Club Jakarta could take the lead at least in JABODETABEK Rotary Club, to support and help this project actively. This would be a national wide contribution of Rotary to make more young Indonesians in remote areas to get a proper teachers and motivators.

Other than that we encourage the members to contribute more to the Rotary Foundation to open a chance to a global fund in financing a project. I am sure we have Rotary Committee Members, who will support such a project proposal based on their experience. This is what I would continue to work on and of course I would like to create more projects with the help of our Rotarian Members.

Another important action from Rotarians is their financial support to the International Program of Polio Eradication and to the Rotary Foundation. I would certainly suggest that you could take a moment to invite other members to make their donation, lead by yourself either through EREY Every Rotarian Every Year program with USD 100.- or USD 1000.- to get the Paul Harris Fellow Recognition.

I would like to thank IPP Angelica Halim for her tremendous work during her presidency terms 2011 – 2012 and for the continuation support to develop more projects in Rotary Club Jakarta.

Thank you to all Rotarians and Rotarians’s Friends for the continuous support.

Ronald Batubara
President of RC Jakarta
Rotary Year 2012 – 2013